In celebrating the 40th Anniversary of The Texas Lyceum we reflect on the leadership, leverage, and legacy that began in 1980 when a group of young Texans from business, professional, and academic communities came together to discuss an idea: that Texas was at a turning point in its history. It had an opportunity, indeed a responsibility, to become a great state. To do so, they concluded that there was a need to bring together the various segments of the state in a non-partisan, non-political, and non-adversarial setting. This is how the Texas Lyceum was formed and, in this regard, nothing has changed. 

For 40 years The Texas Lyceum has created a forum for deep and considered analysis of complicated issues. While in those same 40 years our state’s population has more than doubled in size and its challenges have become more complex.  Yet our purpose remains to be a nurturer of thinkers who refine each other in thought and conscience capital, to bring people together who search for character, people who care more about others and their responsibilities to society than the convenience of themselves and how they alone benefit.

In 2020, we will explore the interrelationships of politics, economics, and culture at four conferences and host a planning retreat for Directors and Alumni. These conferences are not designed to tell you answers, but the content will help you think about how to find the best answers and how to bring society together.  In our convenings, we strive to recognize the great difference between knowledge and wisdom. We believe wisdom involves adding values to knowledge (as knowledge can create atomic energy; wisdom must control its uses.) So how we think becomes extremely important. The end game of all Lyceum conferences is not to tell you what to think, but to expand how you think and gain perspective.  

We hope you will join us to explore the scope and depth of our topic coverage. The strength of our network is key to greater impact, broader reach, and deeper discourse. We also invite you to join us in sponsoring the mission driven work of our organization and we welcome your introductions to experts and thought leaders related to our conference topics.  Your support will help us reach our goal of understanding interrelationships of major issues facing Texas.   

For more information on supporting The Texas Lyceum’s mission, please contact [email protected]

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