The Texas Lyceum seeks to:

  • Identify and develop the next generation of top leadership in the State of Texas
  • Educate its Directors by identifying and exploring the interrelationships of the major issues facing Texas
  • Help bring a better understanding of these issues to the state’s key decision makers
  • Promote an appreciation of the responsibilities of stewardship of the values, traditions, and resources of Texas.

To accomplish our mission, the Lyceum holds an annual Public Conference, conducts the nationally acclaimed Texas Lyceum Poll, and convenes programs at which Directors explore and discuss the key economic and social issues facing the state and nation. The Lyceum also cultivates the next generation of Texas leadership through its scholarship and fellowship programs.

Texas Lyceum Poll

To better understand public opinion, The Texas Lyceum commissions an annual survey on the critical policy issues facing Texans. The mission of the Lyceum Poll is straightforward: produce a professional, nonpartisan, high-quality, scientific survey that provides the public with specific data points on issues of interest and a time series of key demographics, attitudes, and opinions. Learn more

Texas Lyceum Fellowship

The Texas Lyceum Fellowship offers public administration graduate students an academically centered opportunity to develop research and analysis skills for future careers in public policy analysis. The fellowship helps promote research-driven solutions at the highest levels of state government. Learn more

Public Conference

Since 1980, The Texas Lyceum has held Public Conferences as its primary service to the community and its members. By making one of its quarterly meetings public, the Texas Lyceum provides a trusted venue for nonpartisan discourse and debate about critical issues for the future of Texas. Learn more

Texas Lyceum Leadership Scholarship

One of The Texas Lyceum’s missions is to identify and develop the next generation of top leadership in the State of Texas. To accomplish this, we invest in our Texas schools, communities, and future leaders by offering scholarships to qualified individuals that assist motivated Texas students who exhibit leadership qualities in reaching their goals through higher education. The Texas Lyceum Leadership Scholarship is intended to promote education and leadership within Texas as well as reflect its diversity. Learn more