Dear Friends,

As we enter the fifth decade of The Texas Lyceum we reflect on the leadership, leverage, and legacy that began in 1980. A group of young Texans from business, professional, and academic communities came together to discuss an idea: that Texas was at an important turning point in its history. They believed that Texas had an opportunity, indeed a responsibility, to become a great state. And they concluded that Texas needed a new forum to bring together the various segments of the state in a non-partisan, non-political, and non-adversarial setting to thoughtfully consider the state’s opportunities and challenges.

For 40 years The Texas Lyceum has created a forum for deep and considered analysis of complicated issues. In that time our state’s population has more than doubled and its challenges have become even more complex.  Yet our central mission remains constant and increasingly important.

Lyceum conferences, polling, and research are not designed to provide easy answers, but rather to provide the informational content to help our Directors think about the issues and strive to find their own answers.  We seek to foster both knowledge and wisdom; as Lyceum Founder Tieman “Skipper” Dipple Jr explains, wisdom involves adding values to knowledge. The ultimate goal of all Lyceum activities is not to tell you what to think, but rather to expand and improve how you think.  

Please join me in thanking our 2020 Executive Committee for their conscientious and bold leadership in bringing our mission to life. We are committed to making you proud to be associated with The Texas Lyceum, from presenting a high-quality and impactful conference lineup to rolling out a new experimental Texas Lyceum Poll format, to expanding our Fellowship Program, to implementing new programs to ensure the long-term financial health of the organization. Your enthusiastic and loyal engagement truly fuels our efforts.  

We hope you will join us to explore the scope and depth of our topic coverage in 2020 and beyond. The strength of our network is key to greater impact, broader reach, and deeper discourse.  On behalf of our Founders, Alumni, Executive Committee and current Directors I invite you to make plans to attend our upcoming conferences.   

We also invite you to join us in sponsoring the mission-driven work of our organization, and we welcome your introductions to experts and thought leaders related to our conference topics. Please click here for 2020 sponsorship opportunities. Your support will help us reach our goal of including a more robust and diverse audience who will gain an understanding of the interrelationships of major issues facing Texas.   

With gratitude,

Laura Dixon 
2020 President


2020 Executive Committee

·       Alicia Knight – VP, Alumni Relations
·       Amy Laine – Chair, Q4 Conference, Spirits of Texas
·       Andrea Barefield – Chair, Q1 Conference, Hidden Costs of Housing
·       Casandra Matej – Chair, Q3 Conference, Life is Better in a State of Travel
·       Crayton Webb – VP, Lyceum Poll
·       Representative Dade Phelan – Chair, Q3 Conference, Business of Incarceration
·       Dr. John Edwards – Chair, Q4 Conference, Spirits of Texas
·       Fayruz Benyousef – VP, Legacy Fund
·       Holly Kuzmich – VP, Strategic Partners
·       Jason Schenker – VP, Finance
·       Kristen Hawkins – Secretary
·       Lillian Riojas – VP, Marketing and Communications
·       Lourdes Castro-Ramirez – Chair, Q1 Conference, Hidden Costs of Housing
·       Amanda Saldana – Chair, Q3 Conference, Business of Incarceration
·       Michael Crain – VP, Director Engagement
·       Michelle Lugalia Hollon – Chair, Q3 Conference, Business of Incarceration
·       Molly Quirk – VP, Development and Stewardship
·       Ryan Lindsay – Chair, Q2 Conference, 40th Anniversary Retreat
·       Sarah Jackson – VP, Fellowships
·       Yvette Casares Willis – Chair, Q2 Conference, 40th Anniversary Retreat
·       Castlen Kennedy – 2021 President Elect