Dear Friends,

In these difficult times, the work of The Texas Lyceum is more important than ever. The challenges of the global pandemic have forced us to adapt and pivot in order to continue convening the important conversations for which The Texas Lyceum is known. As the pandemic set in, we mobilized to continue to virtually convene conversations around the important issues facing the state. I appreciate the steady leadership of our 2020 President Laura Dixon and her executive committee in 2020. In 2021, we will remain flexible and are committed to helping lead civil discourse on topics important to the future of our great state. 

Our 2021 quarterly conferences will tackle several topics directly related to our new reality including economic recovery, opportunities and obstacles of aging, the future of energy, and balancing economic development with conservation. We have announced an exciting partnership with Texas 2036, a non-partisan, nonprofit organization building long-term, data-driven strategies to secure a prosperous future for Texas. During 2021, they will serve as our Official Data Partner and will provide unbiased data and statistics to help inform each of the quarterly conference topics and conversations. 

In addition to our conferences, we will also produce our nationally recognized Texas Lyceum Poll, a non-partisan public opinion poll on the issues facing Texas, and through the Texas Lyceum Fellowship Program, we will continue informing public discourse with data-driven analysis on the most pressing policy issues impacting our state.  

I invite you to join us for these conversations and efforts. We are so grateful for your continued interest, commitment and support of The Texas Lyceum. 

In Friendship and Service to Texas,

Castlen Kennedy
2021 President
The Texas Lyceum