Dear Texas Lyceum Friends,

It is hard to believe that another year has come and gone. Yet here we are in 2023, at the opening our 88th Legislative Session, and in a time of considerable change that is both significant and incredibly rapid. It is a time of great uncertainty, but also great opportunity. The Texas Lyceum is uniquely suited to help our communities, and our state as a whole, navigate the change, and thrive in it.

Throughout the year, we will be producing the same high caliber content and products that have come to be expected from The Texas Lyceum, with a focus on integrating our products more than ever before. Common threads will weave through our meeting topics, the fellowship research produced, the leadership learning we undertake, and our approach to the Texas Lyceum Poll. We will focus on a deeper understanding of Texas people—Texas voters, Texas women, Texans in communities tackling rapid growth, Texans contributing to our arts and culture, and Texas military families—and how we can move the needle on the various challenges they face. We will also focus on reinforcing the scaffolding of this great organization. We will take a critical look at our own governance, policy, and strategies to ensure the organization has the tools to provide the best possible experience for Directors, Alumni and the communities we engage with, both now and in the future.  

None of the amazing work done by the Texas Lyceum would be possible without the incredible hard work and commitment of its members, and particular, of its leadership. Please join me in thanking the 2023 Executive Committee for their commitment to go above and beyond for our organization this year. We are all deeply grateful for you.

The most profound impact of The Texas Lyceum has always been in the ripples that come from the relationships we build among ourselves, and the learning we do together.  Please join us, as much as you are able, as we learn, grow, and experience our great state together this year.

With Warm Regards,

Reda Hicks
2023 President, The Texas Lyceum