The Texas Lyceum is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, statewide leadership organization focused on identifying the state’s next generation of leaders and providing a forum for civil discourse on the important policy discussions facing our state. It is the only organization where polarizing party politics are left at the door so Texans can truly come together for the betterment of Texas. The Texas Lyceum comprises 96 men and women and more than 700 alumni who have demonstrated leadership abilities in their own communities and across the state. They are active, involved, and eager to contribute their time and talents to making Texas a better place for all. The Lyceum acts as a catalyst to bring together experts and thought leaders on national and state issues and seeks to emphasize constructive private sector, public sector, and individual responses and solutions to these issues.


The 2020 Lyceum Poll

The 14th Annual Texas Lyceum Poll, conducted from January 29-February 6, 2020, is devoted to the topic of the Presidential Election. Our goal is to enlighten the public and policymakers on Texans' preferences for the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary Race, the 2020 Democratic Senate Primary Race, and select 2020 General Election matchups.

Texans' Election Preferences (Day 1)
January 29, 2020

The 2020 Texas Lyceum finds potential Democratic primary voters largely split over whom to nominate for President and Senate, with many candidates receiving some support, but none decisively. Texans show more certainty about the general election, where President Trump maintains a lead over Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg. View the 2020 Texas Lyceum Poll here.

The Facebook live recording of the press conference is available here.

Housing Affordability in Texas (Day 2)
February 6, 2020

Nearly half of Texans say that they spend too much of their income on housing, it's hard for people like them to find affordable housing, and that both state and city governments should be doing more to increase the stock of affordable housing according to the 2020 Texas Lyceum Poll. While the problem of affordability is greatest in Texas' cities, Texans living in the suburbs and rural parts of the state also experience issues of affordability. View the 2020 Texas Lyceum Poll here.

The Facebook live recording of the press conference is available here.

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A Message from the President

As we enter the fifth decade of The Texas Lyceum we reflect on the leadership, leverage, and legacy that began in 1980. A group of young Texans from business, professional, and academic communities came together to discuss an idea: that Texas was at an important turning point in its history. They believed that Texas had an opportunity, indeed a responsibility, to become a great state. And they concluded that Texas needed a new forum to bring together the various segments of the state in a non-partisan, non-political, and non-adversarial setting to thoughtfully consider the state’s opportunities and challenges.

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