The Texas Lyceum is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, statewide leadership focused on identifying the state’s next generation of leaders and providing a forum for civil discourse on the important policy discussions facing our state. It is the only organization where polarizing party politics are left at the door so Texans can truly come together for the betterment of Texas. The Texas Lyceum comprises 96 men and women and more than 700 alumni who have demonstrated leadership abilities in their own communities and across the state. They are active, involved, and eager to contribute their time and talents to making Texas a better place for all. The Lyceum acts as a catalyst to bring together experts and thought leaders on national and state issues and seeks to emphasize constructive private sector, public sector, and individual responses and solutions to these issues.

A Network Like No Other

Meaningful dialogue. Deliberately bipartisan. Friendship. And—above all—a commitment to the future of the Lone Star State. Learn why Texas’ top leaders are proud to serve their fellow Texans through The Texas Lyceum.

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A Message from the President

The Texas Lyceum has been founded and nurtured over the years by thoughtful leaders who had the best interests of the future of Texas in mind. It is on the shoulders of these giants that we stand and carry forward the rich tradition of the Texas Lyceum. Now more than ever, the Lyceum plays a critical role in convening leaders with diverse thoughts and perspectives representing all of Texas and all walks of life. We answer to a calling—civic engagement to make a difference in our communities and across Texas.

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