For Graduate Students Enrolled in Texas Public Administration Graduate Schools

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The Texas Lyceum Fellowship offers public administration graduate students an academically centered opportunity to develop research and analysis skills for future careers in public policy analysis. The fellowship helps promote research-driven solutions at the highest levels of state government.

The student(s) selected for The Texas Lyceum Fellowship will be expected to work with a supervising professor as they synthesize research in the most pressing policy areas affecting the State of Texas. Tasks assigned during the fellowship will include analyzing and interpreting statistical tests and trends from original data, culminating in the production of a high-quality written policy brief. Additionally, the student(s) selected for the fellowship will share their research at a Texas Lyceum meeting, a unique opportunity to represent their school and network with Texas Lyceum members and guests.

The Texas Lyceum Fellow will receive $5,000 to cover expenses associated with their research project and the supervising professor will receive $5,000 for their expense and support.

Applicants must be enrolled in a public administration graduate program and be in good academic standing with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

For more information about the fellowship program, please visit https://bush.tamu.edu/mosbacher/txlyceum/

The Texas Lyceum is in partnership with The Bush School at Texas A&M as well as Texas Tech University.

2019 Fellowship Policy Brief

2018 Fellowship Policy Briefs


For more information, please call 512-992-0026 or email [email protected].