Who is eligible to serve as a Director? 

The Texas Lyceum comprises a 96-member Board of Directors from across the state of Texas. The selection committee seeks applicants who have demonstrated leadership abilities in their communities and across the state.

Each term begins on January 1. No person's first term as a Director may begin on or after that person's 46th birthday. Individuals applying for the Class of 2022 are not eligible for membership if their birthday is on or before January 1, 1976.

To be considered as a Director, you must be nominated by a current Director or an Alumnus and submit two letters of reference. Directors may be re-elected to a second three-year term.

How does a person submit an application? 

Applications are now closed.

What are the obligations to serve as a Director?

Lyceum Directors meet four times each year in quarterly meetings across the state. The topic and format of each meeting vary, but the meetings address timely topics through expert presentations and interaction between Lyceum Directors.


Directors are expected to participate actively in civil discussions, reflect on the issues facing Texas, and commit to addressing challenges. The best and most robust discussions are when all Lyceum Directors participate. To that end, the Lyceum adheres to a strict attendance policy: Directors must attend at least five quarterly meetings during a consecutive two-year period, and at least two of these meetings must be in one calendar year.

Financial Commitment*:

(a) Annual Dues: $1,250, which includes registration for quarterly meetings (four meetings** per year; includes meeting activities and most meals on Friday and Saturday)

(b) Expenses: Directors are responsible for the cost of hotel and personal travel to meetings. Every attempt is made to minimize meeting expenses.

*Dues are subject to change with each new calendar year.

**In some years, the Lyceum hosts an optional fifth meeting. Registration costs for these optional meetings are in addition to dues.

Accepted members of the Class of 2021 must attend a required Director Orientation to be held on Thursday, January 28, 2021.


All Directors should participate on at least one meeting planning committee each year.

  • to help encourage attendance at Lyceum-sponsored events through the use of your personal contacts and network. 
  • to make visits to business and financial leaders in your community to seek support for the Lyceum and raise money for its activities. (note: it costs roughly $5500 per Director to operate the organization)
  • to call on publishers and editors of your local media and encourage their attendance and coverage of Lyceum-sponsored events
  • to make a special effort to seek out business and professional organizations for diverse and inclusive participation in Lyceum activities
  • to attend and participate in Director led activities, including board meetings, a minimum of two conferences per year and a total of five conferences over a consecutive two-year period.
  • to attend and participate in the conferences of Lyceum committees and task forces on which you serve.
  • to pay or cause payment of annual dues of $1250 to the Lyceum on or before March 1 during each year of your term. 

For additional information, contact Mary Beth Kiser, Lyceum Administrator, or Amy Blakely LaineVP of Recruitment.