The Texas Lyceum Leadership Scholarships

One of the missions of the Texas Lyceum is to identify and develop the next generation of top leadership in Texas. To do this, we invest in our Texas schools, communities, and future leaders by offering scholarships to qualified individuals. Our purpose in offering these scholarships is to assist motivated Texas students, exhibiting leadership qualities, in reaching their goals through higher education.

Eligibility criteria for each scholarship includes:

  • Being a Texas resident and U.S. Citizen and/or legal resident.
  • Exhibited leadership in school and community activities.

Scholarships for High School Students

To apply for a High School Student Scholarship, watch for announcements here.

Scholarships for College Undergraduate Students

Additional eligibility criteria for application consideration:

  • The individual must be an undergraduate college student (Sophomore, Junior or Senior) at a Texas college or university, and must be in good standing at the time of application and award.
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 is required.

    Award recipients are selected on the basis of financial need, leadership, academic record, honors, letters of recommendation, potential to succeed, and participation in school and community activities.

    Applications are closed at this time.

Any student meeting the eligibility requirements may apply for a Texas Lyceum Leadership Scholarship. Each scholarship is $2,500 and will be paid directly to the college or university once the student has presented proof of acceptance and/or enrollment. It will be the student's responsibility to send proof of acceptance and/or enrollment to the Lyceum office as well as to whom and where scholarship monies should be sent. Texas Lyceum Fellows will receive additional travel and lodging reimbursement during the award year if attending Lyceum quarterly meetings.

The Texas Lyceum Leadership Scholarship program will be managed by the Texas Lyceum Leadership Scholarship Committee. In exercising its role, the Committee has the following responsibilities:

  • Review the program annually
  • Establish the program policies
  • Oversee and approve changes to the program requirements
  • Coordinate the selection process
  • Review specific issues raised by individual participants

All prospective candidates must submit a completed application prior to the deadline (incomplete applications will not be considered). Applications and required documentation must be submitted electronically. The Texas Lyceum Leadership Scholarship Committee has the sole responsibility for selecting recipients, basing the decision on criteria as set forth in the program's narrative and submitted applications. Decisions of the Committee are final.

For questions about the Leadership Scholarships, contact the Texas Lyceum at 214-891-0001 or send an email to 

High School Award Recipients


K.Puente, Houston, Texas Tech University


A. Caporali, Center, Texas A&M University

I. Desai, Katy, Rice University

R. Martinez, San Antonio, The University of Texas at Arlington

J. Minter, Pasadena, Baylor University

A. Morgan, El Paso, The University of Texas at Austin

M. Pham, Houston, Rice University

J. Rocha, Rio Grande City, Baylor University


S. Gandhi, Friendswood, The University of Texas at Austin

G. Garcia, Houston, Texas A&M University

M. Jacobs, Yoakum, The University of Texas at Austin


K. Daniel, Huntsville, The University of Texas at Austin

W. Dean, Rockdale, Texas A&M University

C. Fulcher, Houston, The University of Texas at Austin

B. Rodriguez-Nino, Austin, The University of Texas at Austin

K. Thornton, Liberty, Texas A&M University

S. Zhang, Katy, Texas A&M University

T. Fuller, Houston, Texas A&M University

A. Singh, Baytown, The University of Texas at Austin

C. Bordner, Robinson, Texas A&M University

N. Palanetskaya, Grapevine, Texas A&M University

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