From the President

Renard Johnson

On behalf of the current 96 Directors and the hundreds of alumni around the state, country and world, I want to welcome you to our website. The Texas Lyceum is rich in history dating back to 1980 when a group of young Texans from the business, professional, and academic worlds recognized that our state was at a turning point, and felt they had a duty and an obligation to do their part to help further shape our great state of Texas.

Since our first meetings in the 1980’s, the Texas Lyceum has continued to pride itself as one of the state’s premier leadership organizations. Our current members and our alumni have gone on to hold prominent leadership roles in our state and in our nation. Many Texas Lyceum members have been and will continue to be mayors in their communities, city council representatives, governors, senators, and members of Congress. In 2016, we were fortunate to have one of our members run as a candidate in the presidential election. Our organization is extremely proud to have a Texas Lyceum alumnus actually hold the esteemed office of President of the United States from 2001-2009.

Our group is not bashful when it comes to tackling tough topics that could have an impact on our state. We accomplish this by having quarterly meetings throughout the state and, from time to time, at international locations.

Coming from the far West Texas town of El Paso, I pledge to do my part of continuing to provide this organization with exceptional leadership as we go through our 2017 year. Our quarterly meeting topics will be timely, educational, and relevant to the state.

Becoming the President of the Texas Lyceum is a very humbling experience and one that I will cherish for a lifetime. With members from different parts of the state, as well as different occupations and interests, I invite you to get to know us!

Renard U. Johnson

2017 President

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